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Welcome to dreamland L simps.
This is where I spend my nights writing about him before bed as I’ve done for the past 8 years of my special interest. Here’s a bit about me, the sleepy author of your dreams.
Note: My lemons book was nuked by wattpad twice, and I moved it to quotev under this profile:


I originally started with adventure time fanfic back in like 2015. Hence my username. Then I bounced to HTTYD, which was where I got my first surge of readers. And finally, when the special interest on L fully set in I became a death note page (ft a few others) writing about L to feed my thirst for him. My most popular book by far is Etheral, and I’m so glad people liked it because it was one of my favourites to write.But while you are in Death Note territory I do have a few other fandoms I’ve made fics for. Including HTTYD, Kuroshitsuji, Miraculous, and Hades game.Foe those curious, here’s a list of my ships:
And my fav animes:
🍓death note
🍓the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
🍓magical girl raising project
🍓love live
🍓devilman crybaby
🍓Yuri on ice
🍓wave surfing yappe
🍓Mirai Nikki


  • Standard DNI criteria (racist, sexist, homo/transphobic etc)

  • Fujoshi

  • Pro shipper

  • Lawlight / sebaciel shippers

  • Ableist

  • Anti-agere/anti-recovery

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🍭lawlietslawlipops (DN acc)
🍭deslovesl (selfship)
🍭persacomlawliet (cosplay)
🍭lawlipopsart (art)
Note: you may draw my avatar/self insert. In fact please do! I love seeing fanart! Just tag me somewhere so I can see it :) there’s a full body reference on my deslovesl pages.

Thanks for stopping by, may Hypnos bless your sleep and dream of L.

Sweet dreams