Welcome to dreamland L simps.
This is where I spend my nights writing about him before bed as I’ve done for the past 7 years of my hyper fixation. Here’s a bit about me, the sleepy author of your dreams.


My lemons book was nuked by wattpad twice, and I moved it to quotev under this profile: https://www.quotev.com/Lawlietslawlipops

Here’s a little collage of my vibe so you know what you’re in for:

BYF (before you follow):

  • • I have RDS (Rejection sensitive dysphoria) that stems off the ADHD. Basically it just means I am VERY sensitive to hate/criticism about things I’m passionate about. So L basically. I’m aware he’s not a perfect character, no character is perfect. BUT HES PERFECT TO ME DAMNIT. Basically don’t hate him or I’ll get butthurt and probably block you.

  • My only triggers are topics surrounding cyber stalking, amino, tiktok and some noises.

  • This profile and my books are kink positive, you’re in femdom territory (#pegL2021). Don’t kink shame others in the comments of my lemons. I had to move all my lemons to quotev after they were purged in the NSFW purge wattpad did

DNI (do not interact):

  • LGBTphobic

  • Racist, sexist, ableist

  • Proship/radship

  • Against agere, recovery and witchcraft

  • Partake in cringe culture, or hate in self shipping

  • Here just to mock me or L

Other socials:

  • Instagrams:

  • -cosplay: astroscosplays

  • -DN: lawlietslawipops

  • -selfshipping: Deslovesl

  • Twitter: lawlietslollys

  • Tumblr: Deslovesl

  • YouTube:lawlietslawipops

  • Quotev: lawlietslawipops

  • Discord: lawlietslawipops

Other random shit:

  • This is a safe place for Agere. I’ve been a carer before and I think it’s a great coping mechanism.

  • I was cyber stalked/ bullied at one point. So forgive me for any random days of radio silence, it’s because I’ve freaked myself out thinking the anon is still watching and got scared to post.

  • I have some physical health problems too so that’s a reason why I miss posing days sometimes.

  • Melodramatic and Natebit are my fav DN ships, I don’t think lawlight is moral and highkey hate it.

  • Das it. Congrats you read though everything.

That’s all my starlets, sweet dreams☆
-Author-san Des